Orthodox Catechism


Welcome to Orthodox Catechism, our goal is to give the background needed for an understanding and appreciation for Orthodoxy.  This class is by no means a definitive or complete guide to Orthodoxy.  Below is the current lessons offered for catechism.

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Session                    Discussion Topic

1                               Structure of the Orthodox Church – Part A

2                               Structure of the Orthodox Church – Part B

3                               Brief History of the Byzantine Church

4                               The Liturgical Year and the Great Feasts of the Church

5                               Holy Tradition and (cultural) tradition in the Orthodox Church

6                               Services of the Orthodox Church

7                               Practices of the Orthodox Church

8                               Sacraments of the Orthodox Church – Part 1 

                                       * Baptism

                                       * Chrismation

9                              Sacraments of the Orthodox Church – Part 2

                                       * Marriage

                                       * Confession

10                            End of Life Decisions

                                       * Euthanasia

                                       * Cremation

                                       * Orthodox Funeral

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